About G1|CW

 The mission of G1|CW is to provide a professional space for artists, collectives, and organizations to present contemporary works of art while providing professional office space to small arts businesses and organizations.

Address: 4106 Howley Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Ryan Headshot.jpg

Ryan Lammie, local artist and arts entrepreneur, started G1|CW in 2017 in response to a succession of gallery closings in the Pittsburgh area. Ryan Lammie is also the Founder and Executive Director of Radiant Hall, a Pittsburgh non-profit that has been in operation since 2012. Rooted in the need for affordable artist studio space and a community for artists in all areas of the city, Radiant Hall provides studio space for 70 artists in three distinct neighborhoods: Lawrenceville, the North Side, and Homewood. Lammie works full time to run and fund Radiant Hall, and continues his own art practice in painting, sculpture, and photography. He is also a board member of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Rivers of Steel Arts, and a Mattress Factory Fellow, and stays active in the Pittsburgh arts scene.